4 Factors Worth Considering When Choosing Your Swim Suits Bottoms

The most awaited season of the year, the tropical season, is here with us. It is bright and shiny outside, and for this reason it is obvious that everyone wants to grab their best swimsuits and head to the beach for a swim.

Don’t have a swimsuit yet? Worry not. You still have time to find a good swimwear online shop. Most of these shops have endless options for you to choose from. However, because choosing swim suits can be quite challenging, we are here to offer some good advice on how to shop for swim suit bottoms.

Whether you are planning to spend your day in a spa, or a staycation at your favourite resort, or perhaps a holiday to your favourite destination, here are four important factors to consider when choosing your bikini bottoms.

  • Know your body type – The number one rule when choosing bikini bottoms is to know your body type and size. Whether you are plus size or petite, the good news is, there is a bikini bottom made to perfectly fit you. 

Where you are not sure about your body type, have your measurements taken by a professional. By standing with your feet together, they will be able to take the right hips measurements, one of the most important measurements when choosing the right swim bottom for women.

  • Know your colour – Truth be told; the swimsuit colour you go for can make or break your outdoor mood. Dark colours like black, grey and burgundy are perfect for summer. And if you are outgoing and have a playful personality, you can go for coloured prints. At the end of the day, the idea is to look stylish and classy even when going for a swim, right?
  • Choose your coverage – Full or moderate coverage, this ideally depends on personal taste and preferences. However, if you are looking for full-coverage swimsuit bottoms, bikini shorts and swim skirts would be a great choice.

There are also high-waisted bikini bottoms that double up as full coverage pieces. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more flattering look, moderate coverage swim bottom for women would be a great choice for you. The tie side bikini bottoms are one of the most appealing bikini bottoms when it comes to showing off the feminine beauty.

  • Choose quality material – Finding a good swimwear online shop is important. However, it’s also imperative that you find a good online shop that offers top quality swimsuits. Fortunately, we have swimsuit stores like Nina Green Collective that strive to protect its customers and the environment.

 When choosing your swimsuits, choose those made of less harmful materials like hemp, linen and cotton. By keeping the environment safe, we are also keeping ourselves safe, don’t you think?

Well, there you have it. Pick the right swimwear and be ready for an amazing summertime. The beauty about summer is, we all get a chance to have an amazing time with friends and family. And what better way to do it than to take everyone for an amazing swim!