Hemp is one of the world's most versatile and sustainable material. It literally has the power to transform the world!  -  For that reason, we’ve completely fallen in love with hemp! That is why we are currently working on our Hemp Collection . We want to offer you, as soon as possible, a range of basics like underwear and shirts, and can hopefully create many more beautiful hemp pieces for you.



There are countless benefits and endless varieties of hemp use. This fiber can do it all! We picked out some of the best hemp facts for you...

  •  Hemp is a carbon warrior! It has the lowest ecological footprint compared to all other natural fibers.

  •  Hemp saves water! It needs less water than any other crop.

  •  Hemp does not require any pesticide to grow.

  •  Hemp requires less land to grow on than most other fibers.

  •  Hemp enriches the soil it grows on.

  •  Hemp is the strongest and longest natural fiber.

  •  Hemp is resistant to UV-rays.

  •  Hemp is antimicrobial and it absorbs sweat.

  •  Hemp is a component of thousands of products in the global market in different categories like: Clothing / Food / Cosmetic / Medication / Paper / Plastic / Biofuels / Agriculture / Construction Materials - theoretically, you can build an entire house out of Hemp…

 Hemp is one of the most precious plants on earth, and it is long past time that we use it in all its wonderful benefits!